How you can compare International shipping rates through LCLXchange

    How you can compare International shipping rates through LCLXchange How you can compare International shipping rates through LCLXchange

    A streamlined process defines our overall workflow at the LCLXchange, from commodity/cargo origin to destination.

    Here is a step-by-step process of how the LCLXchange works.

    • A shipper (user) requests ocean freight, air freight, trucking, or warehousing logistics support by completing the rate request form on the to compare international shipping rates.
    • The LCLXchange will share this request with our vetted set of service providers and carriers (freight forwarders) for competitive container shipping rates. You don't have to step out of the office, visit multiple carriers (freight forwarders), submit your request, and then wait for all of them to respond back. All these steps can now be done through the LCLXchange.
    • Our network of carriers will provide their best rates in international container shipping rates through the LCLXchange website. Their best offer will be dependent on the cargo the mode of transport, and the requested shipping dates.
    • The shipper may end up seeing multiple quotes from different service providers. They can review and select the best one that meets their needs, as they can now compare shipping rates international. The site also offers a great Compare Shipping Rates Calculator for the shipper.
    • Once the shipper accepts the best offer, the selected freight forwarder (carrier) is notified, completes and sends the shipper a booking confirmation. Our process helps the shipper save time searching for competitive quotes to get the best offer.
    • The selected carrier will contact and/or share the necessary details about shipping the cargo. At this point the selected the carrier will work directly with the shipper. With our large shipping network, you can rest assured the LCLXchange will help find the best offers for freight forwarding.
    • After all the required details are met; the shippers' cargo is loaded at the loading location, is transported, and delivered to the destination within the stipulated time frame.
      This way, all steps like comparing overnight shipping rates to actual delivery of the cargo can be handled from the website itself, only at LCLXchange