Freight Truck Shipping Services


    How many hours do you spend comparing LTL freight shipping rates? Instead of managing all this by yourself, use the LCLXchange, we offer the best freight trucking quotes. Complete the form below and let the offers come in.

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    Freight Truck Shipping Services

    What does LTL Freight Shipping Mean?

    LTL (less-than-truckload) is a cost-effective, trustworthy, and economical way to transport freight shipments that are too small for a full truck load. A LTL shipper only has to pay for the space their cargo takes up.

    Additionally, for heavy or large LTL consignments, it may be lucrative to consider larger volume services or partial truckloads. Regardless of the service you select, you will benefit from access to our shipping experts and online tools to plan, execute and track your shipment.

    At the LCLXchange we have established relationships with first-class freight carriers that compete for your business. Our freight shipping experts work directly with you and help every step of the way. Compare LTL freight rates from multiple carriers through the LCLXchange and see how much you can save.

    How does LCLXchange provide LTL services?

    The LCLXchange's technology and experts work hand-in-hand with freight forwarders to provide you with competitive quotes, to ease your shipping needs, and assist in the entire shipping process from start to end. We use multiple best practices and efficiencies to provide you with the best rate and provider.

    Benefits of LTL shipping with LCLXchange

    • Provides a one-stop solution for your freight shipping
    • Compare freight truck shipping rates from local, national or global contract carriers
    • Once a rate has been selected, the LCLXchange connects you directly to the freight forwarder, faciliating faster response times
    • Our shippers provide options such as same or next-day LTL shipping, accelerated delivery, and guaranteed services