Submitting a Request for a Quote/Rate

This section describes the API method to submit freight quote requests using details about the shippers requirements such as commodity/cargo, incoterms, and route.

Note: The sample requests contained in this document are for reference only. You will not be able to run the examples as is. Please construct your requests based on your authorization token and data requests with your own data values.

Submit Quote/Rate Request Details

In order to accomplish this action, you will need to create a POST request. The following example shows how to publish a freight rate request.

Warning: By submitting a request for a quote, you may receive competitive offers to ship your commodity/cargo. You will not be able to determine who made the offer until you have agreed to the selected rate. At that point the selected forwarder will contact you to formalize the transaction. Use the freight offers API to determine which offer meets your needs.

		//Example Submittal
curl -v -X POST '' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" -d '{
"origin": "Hong Kong",
"destination": "Los Angeles",
"arrival": "2019-01-15 17:00:00",
"commodityname": "Brooms",
"requesttype": "Trucking",
"packaging": "pallet",
"quantity": 2,
"length": 4,
"width": 3,
"height": 1,
"weight": 100,
"incoterm: DDP,
"hazardous": 0

On a successful authentication and submission, the result will look something like:

				//Example Result
"raterequests": {
"0": {
"index": 3,
"commodityname": "Brooms",
"refId": "HNJO7K69RZ",
"requesttype": "Trucking",
"status": "Available",
"origin": "Hong Kong",
"destination": "Los Angeles",
"needdate": "2019-01-12 00:00:00",
"notes": "A customer has a need to ship 24cbm of Brooms to Los Angeles. The requested arrival date for the commodity is 12 Jan 2019",
"qty": 2,
"packaging": "Pallet",
"measureUnit": "m",
"width": 4,
"height": 1,
"length": 3,
"massUnit": "kg",
"weight": 100,
"incoterm: CIF,
"hazardous": 0

An error or invalid credentials will return:

    "Unauthorized": "Access denied."


This section provides information about what is required to generate a rate request using the API. These fields populate the JSON request.

GET POST Component Description

The name of the commodity/cargo


Type of request (use Shipping, Air Freight, Trucking or Warehousing)


The commodity origin (port or city)


The commodity destination (port or city)


Estimated Arrival Date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss)


The commodity packaging type, use pallet, carton, or piece


The number (quantity) of commodity packaging types in this request


The length of the commodity packaging type in meters


The width of the commodity packaging type in meters


The height of the commodity packaging type in meters


The weight for the commodity packaging per type in kilograms


The 3 letter Incoterm for this shipment request. See homepage Incoterms for details.


If the commodity is hazardous (use 0 = No or 1 = Yes)


(Optional) Any notes or details a potential forwarder may need to know

The URL of the API Services

Query Parameters


HTTP Request Body

A JSON formatted POST request.